Effectiveness Of Educating HIV Patients And Improvement In Quality Of Life

Lakshmi M G, Dr Sampath kumar


To investigate the effectiveness of Psycho-education on Quality of life (QOL) among People living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). A convenience sample of 120 people living with HIV/AIDS between the age of 20-40 years who have low QOL score in HAT-QOL scale were selected and divided into experimental and control group after initial scrutiny. Experimental group was given psycho-education and control group was kept under observation. Data analysis involved General linear model repeated measures of ANOVA to measure the effect of Psycho-education on QOL. Findings indicated that Psycho- education improve the level of QOL among the target population and there was a positive effect on QOL and its factors namely overall function, life satisfaction, health worries, financial worries, medication worries, HIV mastery, disclosure worries, provide trust, sexual function.

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