Arab Women Participation In Scientific, Technical And Vocational Education

Fariel Khan


Women’s education is the most productive investments a society can make in terms of socio-economic development of a country. Keeping this thought in mind the paper has been written to find out whether the technical education and vocational training can act as a tool of self esteem and can give confidence to the female part of the society. What would be proper way to bring out the talent and skill of the less fortunate women of a society? The paper has highlighted the prospects and importance of vocational training and technical education for girls and women in Arab world. The aims and objectives to achieve a successful program on technical education and vocational training have been discussed briefly over here. The paper has also included the systematic approaches and strategic developments of this program. As an inspiration, some outstanding examples were incorporated to illustrate the initiatives of government and their support to empower the female part of the society. Several target groups had been developed and different proposals were given to empower women according to the need and scope of each target groups. Local and International case studies were given to raise the awareness among the Arab women and to encourage them to take part in the social and economic development.

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