Urbanization Pattern of Border Districts of Rajasthan along Radcliff Line: A Geopolitical Analysis Using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System

Mrs. Pinky Vaishnava, Dr. Monika Kannan


: Radcliffe line is a Geopolitical site between two nuclear- armed rivals, India and Pakistan. The border areas of India bordering Pakistan are more hostile than those, bordering with other countries. The main objective of the study is to investigate the urban development gaps existing between Border districts of Rajasthan and its core regions as areas under border situation suffers more in their growth than the ones which are away from it, especially when the bordering countries are not in cordial terms with each other.

This research paper is an attempt to identify the spatial-temporal changes of LULC in the border districts of Rajasthan through Remote Sensing and GIS techniques, to analyze the Geopolitical implication of international border on the urbanization pattern of border districts of Rajasthan. In spite of resourcefulness the border districts are not equally developed. Ganganagar and Bikaner have high urban and economic growth

as compared to Jaisalmer and Barmer. 

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