Text Analytic Tools for Semantic Similarity

Abhishek Kulkarni, Chinmay More, Mayur Kulkarni, Vishal Bhandekar


: Semantic similarity is a concept in which the relativeness between texts is based on the likeliness of their meaning. Systems which are based on machine translation use word to word translation at the basic level but they do not always work as intended. Translation can also be achieved using the concept of semantic similarity. A corpus along with its translated text is used. The aim is to achieve translation based upon relatedness between the sentences in the corpus rather than machine translation. This will be beneficial as there is no need to translate each and every text using machine translation and only match the semantics of the words within the sentences with sentences in the corpus to achieve the translation. By using modern means like transliteration, named entities can be translated and the remaining words of the sentences can be matched semantically with the words in corpus to achieve translation of the text.

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